Ash Urns

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Urns are also known as cremation urns, funeral urns, memorial urns, or cinerary urns. The tradition of using funeral urns was introduced by the Ancient Greeks.

A cremation urn is basically meant to hold the cremated remains or ashes received after cremating a dead body. During cremation, the human body is reduced to almost 3-7 pounds, depending on the size and weight of the individual.

As these urns are considered sacred, hence we dedicate especial care in selecting the material up to processing and packing. We are well aware of the QC standards of the Ash Urns; hence we can offer best quality.

Product No SAU-101( showing all angles)


Available Colors:

Though they are made in different colors all over the world, but we prefer semi precious stones with translucent behavior, hence we produce them in white, dark green and light green onyx. The ratio of mono color to multi color is mostly 90-95:10-5.


Urns are produced in different sizes and shapes, we produce them mostly in 20x20x23 cm and 23x23x26 cm


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