Stone Sinks


Natural Stone Bowls are especially crafted from selective marble stones for handicraft & architecture lovers. Wash Basins made in different colors and designs looks unique when placed on granite or marble tops. They have different designs like they are made circular, tri angular, square shaped, oval and spherical with different depth, width and length. The surface can be polished, honed or rough/chiseled etc. Material mostly preferred  for this purpose are onyx and marble, though sand stone and lime stones can also be used.


Selection for Stone is done with utmost care so that it is more durable and long lived.

Value Addition

Different type of edges and depth and faucet holes are available so that they can be placed on slabs tops in different styles.


They can also be place on the counter top with different styles, i.e complete fit, half fit and top placed etc. Each style would have some changes in design like collars, without collars, thickness of material etc. Drainage holes are usually standard size but it can vary according to customer requirements. We mostly produce sinks in 16x16x6 inches, but custom designs are welcome.

Packaging  And Delivery Details:

They are packed in a Polyurethane box and twenty of them in a wooden box and four hundred Bowls in a  container .

Marble Sinks

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Onyx Sinks

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