Pearl White


Pearl White:

Pearl white occupies the position of a precious jewel among top quality and antique textured Marble.

Why Pearl White and For Whom:

It is not granite, neither a sedimentary rock nor an ordinary marble stone, its Pearl White. It’s a jeweled stone that defies comparison or categorization, a masterpiece of nature, not in a class but a universe in its own. Considering its worth we don’t expect it to set a sales record for quite a sometime, but that’s fine! We knew all along pearl white is not for everyone!

Available Shades…

Blend of three colors, pure white as base shade and gentle uniform textures of 60% light green, 30 % light violet and 10% grey textures on average. Though shipment can be made with concentration on green color, discarding other shades so that green color is up to 80 percent, as per example of our recent shipment.

Recommended Usage:

Highly recommended for flooring and vanity tops, though it’s a high quality marble and it’s virtually water proof it’s also well known for keeping under foot comfortable in scorching sunny days and uplifting romanticism at night.