Salt Lamps

In our living proximities the concentration of positively charged ions has increased tremendously due to the constant use of electronic devices and circuits these include microwaves, computers, electric heaters, televisions, mobile phone and all other electrical and electronic items. As the balance of the positive and negatively charged ions are greatly disturbed there is a great risk of disturbance in chemical composition in our body as well due to constant breathing of these ions. There are many scientific research and articles which proves the significance of balancing these ions towards improving our moods, energy level, and health.

The balance of these ions in atmosphere can be created by moving yourself out of the artificially created environment like air conditioning and offices, homes towards more natural friendly life styles like greenery, waterfalls, mountains and cleaner air which is not always possible.  Another easy way to produce negative ions in the atmosphere is to take advantage of a Himalayan salt lamp which definitely produces these ions in certain numbers when used naturally and comparably much more when lighted through some electrical bulb .

You can use these lamps in your offices, homes, apartments, gathering areas, studying areas and more places where a lamp can have a natural sitting. This will help reduce your tension, anxiety, depression and improve your health and living standard by killing air born bacteria or at least keep them out of your breathing zone.

Our lamp is provided with salt lamp, wooden base, standard electrical cable and switch at the base of lamp. We pack the lamp with its accessories in the polyurethane box, then in carton box and then in fumigated wooden crates for best delivery.

Electric Salt Lamps

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Fire Salt Lamps

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