Onyx Slabs

We adopt most efficient strategies for slabs and cut to size materials. All the slabs and sizes above 30 cm width are cut on Italian Gang Saw which is a cut through technology. Our strategy ensures quality of slabs, increased efficiency and short production time.

For the  Marble/limestone/sandstone/traver onyx Blocks to be sliced on gang saw the blocks are at least  made four side wire  cut on a monolama cutter cut if the blocks are not already wire cut from the quarry directly.  We ensure selection of excellent quality blocks with appropriate color and shade requirement as requested by the customer. After slicing the slabs are netted (if required) from the back and calibrated. The slabs after calibration is polished and cut on Pedrini laser bridge cutter to ensure correction of length up to fraction of mm resolution and 90 degree orthogonal corners.

In case of Onyx, which are mostly in plate form we schedule the operation so that it is always placed between the two moderate sized blocks of either lime stone and marble so the slabs are not cracked and we can pull out big slabs even from delicate thin plates. Some time on requirement we paste lime stone 03 cm slabs on both slab facing sides of the onyx blocks to make it more durable. From there on the process goes similar as described above.

The slabs and cut to size strips are then QC, photographed and then packed according to the international standards. Each wooden box and pallets contains excel format sheets on the front showing no of pieces, sizes, square feet and approx weight.

Marble slabs are produced in 02 and 03 cm thickness and size range from 120×180 to 200×300 cm and for onyx sizes are from 80×120 to 200×300 cm.

Dark Green Onyx


Light Green Onyx


Lite Traver Onyx


Medium Green Onyx


Medium White Onyx


Multi Brown Onyx


Multi Green Onyx


Pink Traveronyx


Pure White Onyx


Yellow onyx Slabs


Cross Cut onyx Slabs