Onyx Tiles

We produce marbles and onyx tiles taking into consideration standard  international practices. All the tiles are perfectly calibrated for the required thickness, resized and mirror polished. We produce all standard dimension of tiles i.e 300x30x1cm , 30x60x2cm, 45x45x2cm, 40x60x2cm and 60x60x2cm. The tiles on requirement are treated with standard sealer to maintain its polish and reduce the probability of  dust and dirt accumulation .

We also produce specific sizes and quantity for different design requirement for consumers like 5cm by 5cm square etc  and the surface can be honed, polished, bush hammered and leather polished. The edges can also be trimmed with different values of trimming width i.e. 1mm to 4mm or more for different design requirement.

50-53 53-55


58-60 61-63


67-69 70-72 73-75