Sindh Marble have been involved in quarrying of various mines of marble, Onyx and sand stones. All the material available onboard is either extracted from our own quarries or selected directly from quarries originated in various parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Each quarry of marble has its own limitations and advantages. We have learned with time and people how to maintain efficiency and a balance between market and quarry.

Black and Gold Quarry

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For example the black and gold quarry is located in BELA, remote district of province Balochistan. The mountains are spread hundred of kilometers with rocks not solidly braced to each other and mountains also are not on very difficult heights , though area is quite remote. If you see the quarry you will observed that big blocks (20-150) tons are placed next to each other with thin film or mud layer and can be easily extracted trough excavation. Sometimes if the block is very huge we have to use some explosives as well.

Indus Gold Quarry

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If you consider the quarry of yellow melodious Indus Gold Lime stone, it  is located in Thatta district of Sindh and all the material is embedded underneath the ground surface . The reserves are unending and huge.  The plates are mostly 1.5 to 4 feets thick, and more thickness are found randomly in some rare places. The reserves are single layer i.e after extracting a plate of block there is left only mud and sand beneath it. The quarries are located near the population where electricity is available , hence after extracting the block from a near proximity mine we six side edge trim it and can ship container directly from the quarries or bring it home for further processing.

Imperial Gold Sand Stone  Quarry

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Imperial gold sand stone quarry is located in Province Sindh, approximately 30 Kilometers from the City of Mol. The quarry is of excellent quality with big reserves. The extraction is also simpler than others reserves and mostly done manually. The quarry height is around 150 to 250  feets and color is same upto 15 feets and goes darker with the depth. We extract the blocks from the top layer only to maintain the color requirements and still it would take hundred of years to extract the top most layer of the quarry.

Pietra Brown Quarry


Pietra bown is extracted through the world renowned Italian wire cutting technology. Its hierarchy supports this type of extraction as the mountains are huge with blocks solidly braced.  The blocks are international standard with no cracks and filling and very big dimensions.