Soap Stone

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Soft Stone also known as Talc is a softest known mineral on earth with hardness scale of 01. It is so soft that it can be easily scratched with a nail and cut with a knife. It Possess a very greasy affect. The most important feature which is utilized by mixing it with other chemicals in the industry is its moisture absorbing and insulating power. Its color varies from white, grey, green, blue, pink, violet and silver.


It is used in industries such as paint, paper, rubber, coating, Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ceramics, and electrical industries.

Why us:

Afghanistan possesses the most elite form of soap stone, especially those mines which are located in the south of Nangarhar Province, especially Khogyani district which also borders with Pakistan (Federally administrated tribal areas FATA). Soap stone available in this region carries whiteness of around 92 to 98 percent. We can supply soap stone directly from the above mentioned mines, hence quality, quantity and prices are guaranteed.

Attested Lab Test Report:

Lab test report can also be send to our customer on requirement, for this purpose kindly contact via email.


50 kg standard Polypropylene/PP bags or 01 Metric tons jumbo Bags or as per specification.


Within ten working days.

Supply Ability:

10,000 metric tons per months