Water Jet Inlays


Why water jet treated Medallions:

Stone Medallions/Inlays produce via this process have benefits such as high resolution, sharp edges, increased symmetry and no detection for any sort of grouting and fillings. As only water and some abrasive  material are used in this process, it produces no heat like usual blade or laser cutters. It is highly material friendly and has no adverse affects on stone, hence the edges looks like natural with no corrosion effects.

The most important feature of this machine is that we can produce any sort of complex and stubborn   architecture/shapes with ease.

Stone medallions/Inlays usage:

Stone Medallions are developed by our master craftsmen in marble, onyx and travertine and can be  efficiently used as family crest or corporation logo.  Marble inlays produced by us find high usage in marble or ceramic floors, pillars, entry ways, borders and back splashes etc.

Sizes and thickness:

  • Sizes can vary according to consumer specification. Usual Produced sizes are from (18×18 inches) to  (48×48 inches), but dia up to 10 feet are also not unusual.
  • The cut down strips of marbles (1/2 inches thick) are solidly braced to each other and pasted on a solid  (3/4 inches thick) marble.
  • Kindly contact us if you want to feel the difference between handmade stuff and machine made!